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Bali, Indonesia

Play. Relax. Repeat.

It is often confusing if Bali is in Indonesia or Indonesia is in Bali! The tiny beautiful island destination of Bali is a microcosm of Indonesia with its beautiful sunny beaches, hills and mountains, thousands of temples and lots of places to party.

The three must visit places:

Each of them have distinctive charm and character.

Ubud is in the mountains of Bali, 1500m above sea level with cool tropical climate. It is 15 degree cooler here than down by the coast. You must see Kintamani the famous volcano—which erupted in 2000—that is located here.

Kintamani / TropicaLiving / CC BY-SA 3.0

Kintamani / TropicaLiving / CC BY-SA 3.0


Seminyak is Bali’s favorite beachside party town. In addition to world class nightclubs and bars the roads are lined with shops selling handicrafts, art galleries and chic boutiques. It is bustling with activity through the day and night.

Nusa Dua is a destination for travellers wanting something different from their usual escape. It is peaceful and secluded with its endless beaches and star hotels each vying for attention, each better than the next, giving you a myriad of choices in every segment and price category.


Once you go to Bali, you are guaranteed to return. It simply takes your breath away.
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