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The Amalfi Coast

Italy’s Most Scenic Stretch of Coastline

The Costiera Amalfitana, or Amalfi Coast is the southern most tip of Italy. Here, you can live it up in style at a typical Amalfian home perched on a cliff, just minutes from the centre of town where you can enjoy the best food, drink, entertainment and shopping.

Something you must do:

Drive down from Sorrento to Salerno

The popular Amalfi Coast route follows the shoreline from Sorrento south to Salerno. The roads are famously winding and narrow, you will drive over gorges, caverns, pastel-hued villages and expansive vistas of brilliant turquoise waters. To add to that, you may encounter those famously daring Italian drivers, known for their behind-the-wheel bravado, this road trip is one of the more exciting driving experiences in Europe.

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Sudodana2048 / CC BY 3.0

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